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The Greasy Spoon

The Greasy Spoon Diner is a once-monthly pop-up supper hosted at 43 West Hastings St. (Save On Meats). It will see well known, widely celebrated, and highly respected Vancouver chefs serving four course dinner menus paired with appropriate beverages selected by the chef. The chef will also decide which A Better Life Foundation affiliated program he or she would like to donate 100% of every penny of the proceeds to.

The especially cool thing about The Greasy Spoon is that the chef will nominate his successor at the end of the evening, and that chef will then set in motion the following month’s dinner; choosing the craft brewery, winery, or distillery; picking the charity; sorting out his/ her service crew.

It’s an awesome idea, and you just know that every fine dining chef in Vancouver has a secret fetish for diner chow, so the food is likely going to be incredible.”

– Andrew Morrison, Scout Magazine

Food photography by When They Find Us